Week 3 of Whole30 in progress 

It has been a while since I’ve posted and honestly, that’s all part of the process. I haven’t been posting because I’ve been ashamed of my lack of effort, my total depression, and complete surrender. I wanted to make sure that the next time o posted, I posted something worthwhile and substantial.

This is that.

For the last 18 days I have been doing the Whole30– basically no soy, nitrates, added sugar, dairy, starch, etc. BUT lots of good, Whole, hearty, healthy, nutritious foods. Check out the above pics for some of my favorites these past few weeks.

I’ve been doing so well, I considering extending out my Whole30 to a Whole60.

So far, I recommend the program. My skin is noticeably clearer, I have higher energy levels, my body has clearly lost inches (You’re not allowed to weigh yourself on the program so I can only go off look), and amongst other things I’ve stopped snoring.

It has been difficult at times to cook and prepare for every meal, even as someone that enjoys to cook. However, doing this has helped my skills in the kitchen immensely and definitely widened my repertoire of recipes and go to meals.

Anyone else done the Whole30 before? If so, comment below.


In other news…

The reason for all of my emotional eating and therefore my excessive weight gain (my failed marriage) has now come to full closure. As of yesterday, my divorce which has been ongoing for three years has finally been served. I am a divorced woman. 

I have been experiencing several emotions, many I’m familiar with and a ton that I am not. 

Mostly I feel relief, but I also feel grief. Again. It’s strange to feel so happy and so sad at the same time. 

So I have been eating well, but not 100%. However in spite of this, I am down another pound. Nine pounds total!🍾🎉 

However, I have to cut down on the slip ups so that I can continue to have progress! Back to meal preps and consistent planning. 

Today, I made a simple chili and Cajun chicken thighs. I’ll be throwing together some snack trays and raiding my pantry for those odds and ends I need to use or toss out. 

Here’s the chili, topped with cheddar cheese, avocado, and ranch dressing. 


A quick recap of the week 

I’ve discovered the beauty that is pan pizza….. Totally Keto-friendly (just watch portion size of pizza sauce) and simple. Just cheese, sauce, and pepperoni! Plus– only takes like 2 minutes. Perfect snack. 

Brekkie (my biggest improvement) this week was a little different. I didn’t have the same thing every day. Mostly, it was eggs and sausage, a snack tray, or eggs and bacon. Yummo!

Snack trays were on point… Thank you webstaurant for the sweet prices on compostable snack trays! Love ’em! 

My amazing boyfriend, Pat, gave me another early birthday present….. I am in lahhhvve. 👀👀👀⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

That’s a quick recap on the week, I’ll make sure I’m more present this week! 

Wake up….

•chug two tall glasses of water

•feed the doggie 

•clean up kitchen

•take doggie out for walk to apartment office for coffee (because we’re out)

•walk back home, add unsweetened coconut almond milk, heavy cream, and a tablespoon of MCT oil to coffee, add cinnamon and two packets of stevia. Shake, shake, shake! Pour over ice. 

•sip coffee while making brekkie 

•sit down, enjoy coffee and brekkie while watching tv or reading 

This is my morning in routine thus far… 

Also– remember how I said I had new snack containers on the way? They got here yesterday! WHAAAT?! Its amazing because I ordered them on Wednesday… Seriously guys, next day I got them. That’s insane. 

Full details later on this morning! What are your morning routines like?

Changed my snack game up a little today…

And I’m super pumped to share with you next week about the changes I’ll be making then, including new snack containers!! Yahoo!

Here is my snack tray for today. I don’t eat all of this at once and it’s okay to have stuff left over. Basically, I found that with this week’s meal plan, I don’t have enough fat to keep me energized even though the protein is keeping me satiated. So, I have upped my snack intake to allow for a ‘mini meal’ essentially. Just now, I ate the pepperoni, cashews, and Gouda cheese. So yum. 

And I’m feeling much better today, so yay! 

C o n • s i s • t e n • c y 

Means eating breakfast every morning until it’s a habit….. And I think I have a new habit, guys! 

I know it looks gross but it’s totally yummy. Two turkey sausage patties and three blueberry cream cheese pancakes. 

I have got to keep pushing no matter what and I have got to believe that if I keep pushing, one day I’ll look down and my body will be totally transformed. All this self-discipline has to mean something in the end. 

A follow-up on my health: 

I am pre-diabetic. 

There it is. I said it. My greatest fear, within my grasp. 

And I need to think about that fear every single day. It needs to be relevant. It needs to be priority. It needs to be fuel.

So there it is. My motivation. It’s real, it’s raw, and it’s scary. 

But I can do anything. 

Brekkie this mornin’

Blueberry cream cheese pancakes with a side of bacon…. Yum!! 
Down another pound this morning! Woohoo! 

Also– last night, my boyfriend (who is supposed to be doing this with me and also my accountability buddy) went to Cook Out for dinner. I was a good girl and I ate my prepped dinner. 

That jerk. 

Late night meal prep…

But it doesn’t matter! I know I’ll be successful because of it! ✔️

Menu for the next three days:

Brekkie- Cream cheese pancakes with sugar free syrup, bacon, and coffee with heavy cream, cinnamon, and stevia 

Snack- m a g i c a l l y delicious oatmeal Quest Bar

Lunch- Cajun chicken drumstick with mixed veggies 

Snack- cheese stick and cashews, salted

Dinner- Buffalo chicken drumstick with cauliflower mash and spinach salad 


Extremely proud of myself for not only meal prepping (even at the end of a long day) but for the kitchen being spotless afterward… Whaaaattt? I have gains already! 

I’m ready for Week 2 of Keto. I’ll be posting, will you be reading? 


What my week looked like…

My week was pretty successful apart from one minor (okay HUGE) slip up. Let’s start from the beginning of my first week of Keto…..
So I did some research and found some meal plans for Keto and picked the ones I liked best. Then I made a list:

heavy cream





ground turkey


avocado (3)

cream cheese


I kept is simple for my first week so I could ensure a higher success rate. So, I have cream cheese pancakes and turkey bacon (I should have had real bacon but I already had turkey bacon so I used that), with coffee and heavy cream. I don’t usually have my coffee that way, but on Keto– sugary creamers are no no and full fat cream is yes yes. I used stevia and cinnamon for sweetener and flavor. I didn’t take a picture of lunch, but I had a really simple chili topped with avocado and shredded cheddar. Mm!

In between, my snacks were string cheese and chicken broth.

And my dinners went something like this: 

Absolutely delicious. Crispy Cajun chicken thighs with spinach salad and cheesy cauliflower mash. So good!

I followed this plan strictly, followed by lots of water gulping and sea salt consumption. Weird, right? Not really when you realize you need the salts to bring your electrolytes to equilibrium because without carbs, you body doesn’t retain water the same way.

Now time for my huge slip up… I made the mistake of letting a friend influence me and we had ice cream…… And a donut…. Okay…. THREE donuts…. EACH! Crazy, right?  But no regrets– live and learn. I still am down a whopping 5.7lbs this week!!!! Whaaaaaaaaaat. That’s insane.

This morning I had two hard-boiled eggs and pork bacon, with coffee the way I had it last week.

I brought two cheese sticks for a snack and Quest Nutrition’s new protein bar, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip and can I just say that this new flavor is uhh-mazing. Seriously though, if you haven’t tried it yet, you’re missing out. It will make you break up with all the other protein bars out there, fall to your knees and thank the Quest Lords above. It’s that good.

So good, I immediately bought a case yesterday sooooooo I’m a little obsessed.

Try it out and let me know in the comments how you felt about it 🙂

Peace and love, guys.